Why This Blog

written 2020-10-24, last updated 2021-12-20

I spend most of my social media time on twitter. It's a pretty toxic platform as a whole, and kinda sucks. But most of my friends are there, and is the primary vantage point to watch fandom dumpsterfires. While it's been a good place to post occasional fursuit photos and weird thoughts that pop into my head, it often falls short if I want to articulate anything more complicated.

The fundamental design principles of twitter mean that it's pretty terrible if you want to write anything longer than a few hundred words, or convey any ideas with any semblance of nuance. The userbase is also actively hostile and will, almost without fail, assume the worst possible interpretation of anything with even the slightest ambiguity, and then blame the writer for not clarifying intent on a platform which limits posts to 280 characters. A personal blog, being an entirely separate website, has the advantage of being far less likely to go viral (for better or worse). Words on this site don't need to compete for user attention with everything else on the screen. This will be my own personal soapbox, but it's not impossible that I post someone else's thoughts on a matter from time to time.

You'll also notice that this place doesn't have a comments section. That's intentional. If you wanna reply to anything I say on here, you can talk to me on telegram. If you want to screenshot a paragraph of mine out of context I in order to slam dunk on me in front of your 30 million tiktok followers can't really stop you, but I'd rather you didn't please.